What is Snack+ Characteristics?

Snack+ provides HD Voice and Business oriented features based on powerful Snack+ Framework.

What is Snack+ Mobile VoIP?

Snack+ Mobile VoIP, a Mobile VoIP Engine developed by Dreamket, guarantees outstanding call quality by applying proprietary codec and optimization algorithm.
In particular, voice quality tuning technique takes hardware characteristice specific to device and characteristics dependent on OS version into account and its superiority has been proved by successful launching of several global services.

What is Snack Mobile VoIP?

Framework of Snack+ Mobile VoIP

Snack+ Mobile VoIP comprises Media Engine and Singaling module. Since each part is provided as API format, Mobile VoIP service pro-viders can implement services with ease.

Framework of Snack Mobile VoIP


  • Seoul, Korea
    • Tel_Icon+82 (0)2-6932-1630
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Tel_Icon+66 (0)83-018-9552