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Fixed Mobile Convergence

After smartphones become common, patterns of work is changing, we do our jobs anywhere anytime with our own smartphone, we use our smart phone for the business purpose, office phone, company e-mail, Document approval, sharing documents and communication, Snack+(Fixed and Mobile converged service) providing optimized mobile office environment with features of no-charge call between extension and Snack+ APP that is installed in smartphone of employee and has its own extension number.

Components of Snack+

Snack+ consists of Snack+ Phone and Snack+ Server.

Snack Phone

Snack+ Phone

Rich communication features of high quality are available anywhere and anytime without any restriction of smartphone models, MNO and OS.

  • HD-grade voice call
  • Stable service quality
  • Rich communication (Free/PSTN call, Chats(one-to-on/group), Notice, etc.)
  • Supports LTE/3G/WIFI
  • Seamless vertical handover
  • Consolidated Security
Snack server

Snack+ Server

Snack+ service can be managed with convenience and ease from small to large capacity.

  • Integrated management of configurations and policies for systems and terminals
  • User authentication and DB encryption
  • EOC(Enterprise Organization Chart) management
  • Media relay and transcoding
  • Inter-operation with various PBXs
  • Configuration of service permission level

Screenshots of Snack+ Phone

Snack+ Phone significantly improved usability by applying user interface(UI) where diverse functions such as keypad, details, contacts, EOC, calling, notices, call log, and settings are implemented intuitively and coupled tightly together.

Snack+ Snack+ Snack+ Snack+ Snack+ Snack+
What is different from each other?
Function Description
Unconditional Call Forwarding
Call pickup within pick-up group
Call Transfer
Call Waiting When on a Snack+ call, and you select a new incomming call, the system places the original call on hold and you receive a new call
Music on Hold Globally applied
Ring Back Tone (MUSIC)
  • Busy
  • Refuse / DND
  • No Answer
  • Off-line
Executive and Assistant Mode The system transfers the incomming call to the executive to the Assistant.The assistant answers the call are forward the call to the exeutive.
SNR (Single Number Reach) When a certain Snack+ client is off or absent, the system forwards a call to a callee mobile phone
Caller ID Changing

Network Diagram of Snack+

Inter-operation with public & private IP N/W, PBX, landline or mobile phone and personnel DB. (The use of integrated EOC is optional)

Snack++ Configuration


  • Customer Korea
  • KT
  • LG U+
  • Ministry of the Interior and Safety
  • Busan Metropolian City
  • Chungcheongbuk-do
  • Chungcheongbuk-do
  • Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Daejeon Metropolian
  • Korea Aerospace Industries. LTD.
  • Hyundai Engineering & Construction
  • Dongbu Hitek
  • OSD - Ultimate Telecom And Network Solutions
  • Company Profile


  • Seoul, Korea
    • Tel_Icon+82 (0)2-6932-1630
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Tel_Icon+66 (0)83-018-9552