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Mobile VoIP

As the mobile networks have moved to 3G/4G and smartphone has been common, a new trend came to us, that is Mobile IPT. It is the use of VoIP technologies on your smartphone, including phones, tablets and laptops.
The packets of data generated by VoIP are sent to Internet via a WiFi hotspot, 3G, 4G, 5G. Due to wide band mobile network and computing power of smartphone, Voice quality has improved to the level of native call, sometimes it’s better than your native call. Moreover smartphones become common, patterns of work is changing, we do our jobs anywhere anytime with our own smartphone we call it “Bring Your Own Devices” we use our smart phone for the business purpose, office phone, company e-mail, Document approval.

Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP is the best option for the companies

  • 1Companies that have many employees working outside like sales, want to save the phone bill

  • 2Companies want to encrypt call not to be eavesdropped by competitors

  • 3Companies want to improve the productivity through enterprise-oriented Mobile UC

  • 4Companies have to answer any business call during out of the office



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